Requiring restaurant is the flagship project of the association.

The restaurant opened in January 2000 and was the first and only project of theAssociation of Beersova beginning.

Restaurant Association of Beersova in need of satiety passed in 2006 an important development: opening a new dining room and spacious for diners. The kitchen was enlarged in 2007 by Beersova and through this we increase the amount of future rations.

The project’s goal: to provide hot food daily for people who can not, for economic reasons, to fend for himself for food. The restaurant is open to needyregardless of religion, gender and origin for a token fee of 3 NIS. The restaurantoperates six days a week and on Fridays divided dose packed to take on Saturday. Every day dining restaurant from 70 to 100 needy and also out hot meals for other projects that are running on – by association.

Except cook and dining room employees responsible for rent, kitchen andrestaurant operated well satisfied with a large team of volunteers, includingsingle mothers, elderly, immigrants, civil service and mentally ill. Many of the volunteers arrived at the restaurant diners – in need and they had found in a warm and pleasant, they wanted to give back and asked to volunteer.

The restaurant is located on a well satisfied Ghetto Rebels 58, Beer-Sheva

Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 10:45 to 13:15
Fridays and holiday eves from 10:30 to 13:00