In February 2005 we launched our “Meals-on-Wheels” program following a donation of $ 50,000 for purchasing a refrigerated van.

We now distribute to poor and elderly residents hot, nutritious meals which have been prepared in our Restaurant for the Needy. These are residents who are unable to leave their homes, and who have no ability to cook for themselves.Most are disabled and house-bound; many have been neglected and are in a poor state.

They each get seven meals a week. The low-sodium meals have been designed for the elderly and consist of a main course, side dish, soup, salad and bread.Our driver takes the hot meals to each of the elderly participants and he is accompanied by volunteers who deliver the meals along with a smile and warm attention. When problems are found, we try to solve them, or to report to the local authorities when needed. Proffesionals volunteer in fixing and solving everyday problems in their homes such as: plumbing, electricity and anything else that need be.

All of the recipients have been referred to us by the Be’er Sheva Municipal Welfare authorities. Today, we reach 100 people, and we are gradually expanding the program. We know this is only a small percentage of the number of people who need this service.

Pazgaz, the local fuel distributors, have been donating NIS 800 worth of diesel fuel a month for the van. That’s nearly half the estimated fuel cost.
“A Friend to the Elderly” – pairs volunteers with elderly residents who are recipients in our Meals-on-Wheels program.

It has come to our attention that many of these people have no family of their own, and are terribly lonely.

The aims of the project are:

1. Provide companionship;
2. Provide basic logistic support, e.g. helping with chores, shopping, mail, health care, etc;
3. Alert us to any problems so we can inform the relevant authorities