Israeli holidays are made many efforts to help as many children, the elderlyand needy families in order to allow the celebration of the holiday, according to tradition and with dignity and fun. Assistance was both by distributing dry food packages for the holiday and in accordance with the needs raised by the holiday.

Rosh Hashanah food packages are distributed to families in need. In addition, split into wine and honey dine at a restaurant, the elderly and needy families.


Hanukkah donuts and surprises provided kindergartens, schools and welfarecenters in the neighborhood Wednesday.

At “Beersova” is held each year a holiday party for dine at a restaurant, whereparticipants enjoyed a performance by trained volunteers, candle lighting the menorah and eating donuts.

Purim packaged by the youth club funds gift baskets and distributed to dinersand needy elderly in Be’er Sheva. In preparation for Passover food packagesdistributed, diners for the elderly and needy families.