Family Evening

A unique program for needy families from Be’er Sheva, who receive help from the Welfare Department. For this program we use the Restaurant for the Needy, which is usually closed during the evenings and not a suitable place for children during the day. With the help of some accessories and decoration we turn the place to seem like a real restaurant.

Needy families usually do not have the time or the ability to have a family dinner.This program enables them to sit as a family, around the table and eat together.These families cannot afford going to a restaurant, so the evening is very special for them.

After the family dinner, parents and children participate in an enrichment activity, related to family life and parent-child relationship. Once a month there is a separate activity for children, and the group of parents participate in a professional session.

Program objectives:

1. Supply hot nutritious meals for needy families.
2. Enabling family quality time, during and after dinner.
3. Reinforcement of relations within the family.
4. Stabilization of the family in the community.

For this program to continue helping children and their parents we must raise funds totalling $ 25,000 for the 2009 fiscal year.