Set up in 1999 by a group of volunteers, Be’er-Sova’s aim is to supply hot, nutritious, healthy, food daily to the needy in Be’er Sheva and the surrounding area. The harsh pictures of people of all ages, searching for food in trash cans moved a group of community conscious professionals and lay leaders to combine their efforts to raise join together to establish a “soup” kitchen. It was the first, and, still, the only one providing a freshly cooked meal daily and served in “The Restaurant”. Today, the founders continue their work, having been joined by more than 100 local volunteers who assist with the organization’s numerous projects. Be’er-Sova services , totally supported by contributions and grants, are implemented and run by the 100’s of volunteers, with whom, we could not operate.

With extremely high rates of unemployment and nearly a quarter of the local population on welfare, the severe cuts in government assistance have driven many to desperation, increasing the need for the services of Be’er-Sova.

Recognizing that food related programs alone are not an adequate solution to the alleviation of poverty, Be’er-Sova expanded its aims and operations to providing educational and empowerment programs. To this end, Be’er-Sova also conducts a quality after school program for youth at risk, ages 12-18. We implement a program for needy families, parents and their children. All of our recipients have been referred to us by the local welfare authorities, and virtually all receive some sort of public assistance.