About Us

The project’s goal: to help families in need by dividing the monthly foodpackages.

Each month, the organization department, more than – 80 food parcels to needy families.

40 packages are funded by the Friendship Foundation and earmarked for needy families from the Ethiopian community. Packages contain basic foodstuffs such as flour, oil, rice, pasta, legumes, eggs, etc. and also receive coupons for the purchase of chicken, meat or fish. The packages are packed in three sizes,depending on the number of persons in each family. Recipients of the packagessay that the monthly package allows them to cook and eat hot meals andnutritious fresh. In addition to discretionary budget becomes available, such asschool fees, medicines and more.

40-60 additional packages are distributed with the assistance of “give” the donor the products that are the contents of the package.

The detection of needy families we do in full cooperation with the Welfare Department of the Municipality of Beer Sheva and the division is taking care to maintain their dignity and privacy of those in need. Each family receives a parcelonce a month for six months and then we replace the list and help other familiesfor half of next year. Some volunteers who pack the packages are the same families who receive the packages and this, thinking it is easier to accept whenyou’ve given.